Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose



As its Basille Day today and all the old contemptibles are out on the square here in Domme singing the Marseillaise, an interesting sign came to my attention as I was just killing time, on the subject of, well, killing.

A rather negative message (see photo) is expressed in the title: We men have killed, are still killing and will continue to kill, and below the sign dictates some of the reasons:

We kill to:

Survive, defend ourselves, feed ourselves, enrich ourselves, clothe ourselves, energise ourselves or to dominate others.

A depressing outlook but there's more, oh yes. It suggests we do so reasons of wickedness, hate, despair, love, jealousy, vengeance, intolerance, order and fear, sense of justice, cruelty, greed, religious beliefs or just plain ignorance.

For a practical application of the above, in a fortified house built into overhanging limestone rock at Reignac, they have a room dedicated to all the most gory methods of dispatching n'er-do-wells, non believers and witches practised in times gone by - see attached - which make beheading look a relatively attractive option. It also brings us right uptodate with all the practitioners of the past century all emphasising that some things never change.

It's amazing there's any of us still here. Quite exhausting. I could murder a beer.

Post script. Since posting this blog, events in Nice last night seem to emphasise that the crueller aspects of human nature are still prevalent.

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