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Medora, North Dakota.....such a cute place!! Who knew???

Medora, North Dakota

Our first flat tire!! We were on I-94 instead of Hwy 10.

Tonight's camping spot

Our camp spot for the night. A cute little town Hebron, North...

July 12, Medora MT

Medora is a great little place to visit! The North Bad Lands, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, live entertainment everywhere! Outdoor theater with dancing and singing, live theater with Teddy Roosevelt re-created, musicians, great campgrounds, food and always places to spend your money! The one regret was missing the Pitchfork Steak Fondue!! I am not sure how they did it, but I think it certainly is an idea for the Fredericksburg RV Park Winter Texans to suggest to the new Activity Director!! It sounds awesome!

We were going to take "a rest day" here, just because it was so appealing and we needed a rest. Thought we would start with a relaxing lie-in in the morning and just not set the alarm. We would forego our daily routine of getting on the road to beat the heat!

It was worth it!! So nice to start slowly (not that we really rush . . .) but took our time. Once we felt that wind pick up and saw that it was not a cross wind today but directly from the west, we just felt we should take advantage of it and move on! Not before stopping for a nice breakfast!! Yum! I do love breakfast in a cafe!! No cinnamon rolls to compare to the others we have had so far, but their homemade caramel roll did the job!! Off we went!

Back on I-94, hard to believe we can ride on an interstate! A little daunting at first but you soon get used to it. The surface of the road is so smooth!! Long, long wide swooping curves and with the strong wind at our backs we made quick work of the miles!! We were reaching speeds of 25-30 mph!! Cars gave us the benefit of moving over to the second lane. There was some construction but then we had the barrels between us and the traffic which made it even better!

It was going so good in fact, we thought well why don't we just stay on I-94 and save a few miles, REALLY make up the time! Other bikers we had spoken to had used the interstate instead of the Old Hwy 10, so we thought since it was going so well we would too!!

There did seem to be more debris on the shoulder than you would find on the Old Hwy 10 and something got Mike's tire!! The first flat tire! We pulled way off the road and got the job done pretty quickly! It was a challenge to even stand in the wind, it was so strong!! We checked the inside of the tire really well, 3 times! But could find nothing that may have damaged the tire or even penetrated it to puncture the tube! Everything put back together we were back on the road!

But now the construction changed a bit and the pavement had been milled, so it was a bit uneven or textured may be a better word. Still could get some speed up, but I didn't like the way it made my bike wobble. We had passed our opportunity to get on the Old Hwy 10. We could see it running next to us, but the fence made it off limits. Until I spotted the break in the fence!! So we abandoned the interstate for the safety and peacefulness of Hwy 10, and it was beautiful!!

The wind blew us miles and miles and miles towards our destination! We got to Dickinson . . . Let's keep going!! We got to Richardton . . . Let's keep going!! Made it 72 miles to this wonderful little settlement of Hebron, ND. Had to call the Mayor or the City Councilman to let them know we wanted to camp in the City Park. He said that would be just fine and we could shower at the Pool!! Perfect!! (Well not perfect . . . It was in an open area with no roof, the wind swirling about and only cold water!!!! I hate cold water!!)

And that is where I will leave you! All settled in for the night in Hebron. We actually set up under tha pavilion to have a bit of a break from the wind. I must admit tho last night when the wind was quite strong, our tent did an amazing job! Once inside, you could hardly feel the wind at all and it stood solid all night long!! Love our tent!

We are racing through North Dakota. I thought it was going to be so boring, wanted to get thru it as fast as possible but so far, so many surprises!! Smooth beautiful roads, Medora, Dickinson was thriving and obviously benefitting from the oil business, Hebron; such a sweet little community, the city councilman actually came for a chat once we got here!!

While riding in and trying to take in the infinite horizon, yes it is even more infinite than Montana!!! Looking across the fields full of crops and thinking of all the people that live and work out here, the long winters they endure, the absence of the obvious distractions we have in the cities, the tranquility and peace that soothes the observer like myself. It is the emotion this trip continues to bring out in me, the heart of America where people just get on with living and having fun doing it!! Sitting in the park, next to the pool . . . The lifeguard walking down the street to work! The kids coming out in their suits to run to the pool! Mom and a few little ones walking to the playground for a few minutes on the swings!! I love the little guy who ran from the pool in his wet suit, obviously to his house for something he forgot and back to the pool!!! Towns like this make me nostalgic for the times when I was a kid. This little town and the ones we have encountered like it have made this trip so memorable. Being on a bike instead of in a car, conversations initiated by so many interested and caring strangers; I feel so connected to everything around me!!

Ok . . Enough waffling .. . Good night!!

Thanks for checking in with us and keeping an eye on us!!!!!

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