Frank and Joyce 2016 travel blog

We have been home for a week and it doesn't even seem like we were away. The garden is overgrown but not producing like it should. I am told that the weather was hot for only 4 days we were gone and quite cool and wet also. Not hot yet but some awesome thunder and lightning storms and hard rain and pleasant days. Peas and green beans are ready and half the blueberries are gone and the other half are green. I am thinking the squirrels and birds got them. A few of the sunflower plants are over 7 feet tall. The cows have been out and there won't be any changes to our neighbourhood until Mrs. Cooper dies. I wish her a long and healthy life. Monday the new windows are being installed and we will be having guests staying here for the BC Summer Games 21 to 24th. Should be a load of fun. The kidlets are still busy with summer camps but that will be over next week so maybe a few camping trips with them soon. All in all a good trip and adventure and maybe we will do it again in two or three years. Next late spring and early summer we want to explore in the USA around Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming.

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