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Bill & Bowie near Skagway

Arrive in Alaska


July 11, 2016

We are headed to Skagway today but before we left the area we went into the town of Carcross which was surprisingly modern. The first nations have done significant development recently with a new band school and an area devoted to heritage features and retail shops to showcase their work. The drive from Carcross to Skagway was one of the most interesting so far. The landscape changed dramatically from forest to almost bare rock with few trees and lots of small blue green glacial lakes. Crossed the border into Alaska for the second time this trip and captured it for the record. Spent the afternoon in Skagway wandering the streets. Surprisingly hot and sunny. The local population is only 1,100 but it swells to 1,240,000 during the summer months with the cruise lines. Three ships were in dock today and you could hardly move in the downtown streets. Bought a piece of mastodon ivory with a scrimshaw salmon on it for Bill today… It was the one purchase for himself he was determined to make this trip!

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