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Both of us went to bed earlier than usual last night and slept nearly nine hours. That was great!

I took a shower while Marilyn brewed a pot of coffee and then we sat together inside but with the windows open. We listened to music from the Pandora App on my phone, as we sipped our morning coffee.

We completed the normal daily chores and then relaxed, me with a book and Marilyn with her cross-stitch project.

Around 11:00, Eddie & Jan called to suggest that we join them for lunch at a place called the “Lumberyard Brewery and Grill”. They gave us the address and we soon left for the drive to this restaurant.

My GPS directed us to the correct street but we turned left instead of right and drove across the campus of the University of Northern Arizona. Marilyn began a conversation with a nice young college student and she gave us directions to the correct place.

We soon found our friends and sat together sharing conversation and stories, along with the lunch.

Marilyn & I returned to the RV and resumed our relaxation right where we had left off.

Marilyn fixed a great salad for our dinner. It was just right because neither of us were hungry after the lunch we ate.

Then it was time to settle down to watch some TV before heading off to bed.

Tomorrow I am taking the RV to the “Discount Tire’s” place to get four new tires. We should be back at the RV Park within a couple of hours.

Life is Good!

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