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I had discovered a pinhole leak in the sewer hose when I dumped the tanks a week ago. I had decided to replace that hose before dumping the tanks again. Marilyn had laundry to do today and the tanks were nearly full, so it was imperative that I get a new sewer hose today.

As soon as we had finished our coffee I left for a drive to the Walmart, about seven miles away, purchased the needed equipment, returned to the RV, installed the new hose, and dumped the tanks.

By this time the wind was in the 20 to 30 mph velocity and the trees were whipping around pretty good. I learned later that the gusts were in the 40 mph range.

I had a plan to cook boneless pork ribs but that wind blew the fire out twice, so I moved the grill to the rear of the RV where it was protected somewhat, and managed to finally keep the fire lit.

I added BBQ sauce and hoped that the ribs were not overcooked.

We joined Eddie & Jan outdoors for a wind whipped Happy Hour and then we all divided the food for dinner, and headed to our own RV’s because it was impossible to enjoy a meal outdoors with the strong wind blowing so hard.

Some of the BBQ ribs and salad went to Eddie & Jan’s place while they sent garlic bread, sweet potatoes, and corn to our place.

We all had a fine meal that way.

Tomorrow we will be getting our RV ready for the road because Tuesday morning I will take the RV down the road a couple of miles to have new tires installed.

Our time here is growing short but then we’ll be headed to Colorado.

Life is Good!

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