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It is little places like this, in the middle of NOWHERE like...

I love the way the power poles just fade off into the...

A beautiful homestead scene, leaving Circle, MT.

Finally the storm we have been waiting for - and we are...

They were right, the wind blew the rain and the hail sideways!!!

A Severe storm has been threatening us for the last few days. I guess there is no such thing as just rain here, when the rain comes it comes complete with hail, wind and tornadoes!! It has caused us to get a hotel room for the last few nights because everyone locally believes the threat, the sky usually supports the worst fears with the heavy dark clouds looming. We have been lucky ( and comfy) opting out for hotel rooms, but this storm better come tonight and be over with!!

We got up early this morning to try and beat the rain. The Weather channel says it will get here early afternoon, we had 50 miles to cover so thought an early start would give us the head start we need. Feeling the need for a rest day, so want to get as far as we can and maybe have a rest day while we wait for the rain to pass!

So we made it quite easily and very early to Glendive, MT. Early enough in fact, we are thinking maybe a long half day of rest will do the trick. It all depends on the rain!

Not much excitement today!!!!

Update!! The storm finally hit!! And it was everything they said it would be!! Only for about 30 minutes of rain, but it settled any indecision I had about camping or not camping!! It would have taken us way longer to dry out than it would have to be saturated!! The rain and hail came sideways when it hit!! Lightening, thunder just no tornado which is fine with me!!

It is Sunday, nothing going on in town. We tried getting out and going for a walk but everything is shut down tight!!

Hopefully the weather will move on now and let us get on with our trip!!!

I can't even begin to tell you all how happy it makes me to hear from so many of you who are enjoying our trip right along with us!! It makes it even more special to us to know it is shared by all of you!! Wish I had the ability to invent "smell-o-vision" so you could all share the sweet fragrance of the lavender or clover on the side of the road. The fresh cut hay . . . Or share the views in a 360 degree panorama. It really is beautiful. At first you think there is just nothing out here, but little places like the nameless Bar/Dance/Food bar in Vida, MT tell the real truth! The communities are thriving and supporting each other, the kindness of the locals never ceases to amaze me!!

This is a wonderful country and overflowing with kindness and community. We feel so blessed to be here and experiencing it.

PS . . .I am STILL itching from those horrible mosquitos!!!!!!

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