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Lago Trasimeno - the strange green colour is a combination of algae...

Sunshine after the rain.

Flooding at the campsite "beach".

The pretty lakeside town of Passignano.

The strange Yellow insects - but they do not bite!

Perugias city hall.

Main street Perugia.

Perugia city walls.

The people mover from the train station up the hill to the...

Tuesday 14th June 2016

So, we are off today to the South west to Lake Trasimeno and hopefully find a nice campsite – but the Sat Nav wants to take us hither and wither before getting to the autostrada – but we say, No,No, No – just like Amy Winehouse – and we go our own way – and it’s fine.

Bowling down the road – the Sat Nav again says “go this way” NOPE – we have a different agenda - we think it’s because it always wants to go the shortest route - but we, with the caravan want the EASIEST route.

However, at one junction we take the wrong road and instead of cutting the corner and going through a tunnel we end up going up and over the mountain – scenic but a long way round.

However, after a couple of rainstorms we are heading in the right direction and then a traffic jam which means we will arrive after 1 o’clock and the reception might be closed – but NO – they do not close and we are allowed to select our own pitch – but (1) the campsite next door we wanted is full and this one (2) has limited pitches but they are all quite big – do look a little easy easier to access. We select No 11 – to be near the front but with a lake view if we squint.

We park up and get sorted pretty quickly but there is no sign of where to get water – so Neil asks and it’s communal – YES – but where?

Later in the day we have a MAJOR thunderstorm with lots of thunder, lightning and RAIN – to the extent that some pitches are completely flooded.

We are also inundated with yellow flying insects – they do not bite but are soo numerous that we had to take pictures of them sitting on car/caravans and clothes –bothersome. In the caravan they are easy to squash as they do not move quickly - but a pain!

Wednesday 15th June 2016

It’s supposed to be hot today – but not a good start – lots of white cloud and a bit cool. Still Neil goes for a run into town.

And we go to check out the local train station for a possible trip to town. On the way back Neil spots an Ironmongers shop and we had talked about getting a “woolly” fly screen for the door because of the aforementioned beasties.

Well the old shop guy has one over his own door and we ask about another one – shorter – only 55 cm not one metre – but in broken English says only this one and proceeds to take it down – all the while Carolyn is asking How much it costs – “Quanto Costo” in her best Italian – but he does not answer – So he marks out the 55 cm and gets a small hack saw to cut it – NOW, at this point Neil should have just said NO and walked out – but he agrees to get it cut – only when this is all done and bagged up we discover the cost to be 56 Euros – about 10 times what we had planned to spend on a fly door. Boy was Neil grumpy that night!!

Thursday 16th June 2016

Neil takes a run out of town to look at another campsite in the book – Camping Europa – But it’s getting a full renovation and will not be open until May 2017 at the earliest.

As we’ve had a rainstorm and it’s left the car looking rather dusty Neil ventures to the drive through Lavaggio (Car Wash) – except you park the vehicle in the wash bay and then get out put your money in and press the desired button and stand and watch the car being washed – all pretty good for 5 Euro!

Just a lazy day by the lake and watching Euro 2016 on the big screen in the bar – 4.5 Euro for a big beer! England beat Wales in injury time – bugger!

Friday 17th June 2016

We have checked out the train times for a day trip by train to Perugia, cost 6.5 Euro return per person and takes about 30 mins – longer on the way there as the train waits for another to pass.

Perugia is a hilly town and the guide book says it’s a steep 1.5km walk uphill to the centre from the train station but there is a “Minimetro” people mover or a bus to take the strain.

So, we are intrigued by the people mover so off we go in search of it. And it’s just like the airport metros that whisk you from Terminal 1 to say 2. Except this one is powered by a cable tow – much like a ski area cable car – except you are not dangling down but sitting on rollers. Each car takes about 10 folk – or a bit less if two bikes are aboard. Pretty good actually. And then at the top station there are three long escalators to take you to the main street level – all good.

The centre of the town is really nice – large open square and pedestrianised streets, lots of outdoor seating at restaurants – and so we select one – two courses for 10 Euro and good value – large starter and big bowl of pasta and Carolyn’s bean salad was huge – great, even if the service was a little patchy – and oddly no separate toilets – just use the public one down the arched lane – 50 cents thanks, says the man at the door!

Whilst we are on the subject of los – in campsites and loos the taps are often push button – especially the hot water – to stop it being wasted – BUT here in Italy the taps are foot operated – so you can wash hands – dishes with both hands - good idea, once you know that it’s not just motion activated and wave your hands under the tap for 30 seconds and nothing happens!!

Saturday 18th June 2016

The car and caravan (along with others in the park) have got some black sticky spots overnight – they are really difficult to remove even with Bug and Tar spray – but the roof is tricky to reach – so Neil AGAIN heads off to the Lavaggio and spends another 5 Euro to get rid – but some are stubborn and do not come off to more treatment is required!

Market day in the village and so we head off to check out the stalls, some are good and some it’s just tat from a car boot sale.

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