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It's been just about five years since the three Matchett brothers were all together in one place, so we all decided it was time to get together. Bill and Lisa came from California. Bob and Carol came from Colorado. We all shared a house in Sedona for five days to enjoy the area and each other's company. There was a lot of good food and great conversation. As well as some hiking and shopping. We visited the Palatki Indian Ruins where we got a glimpse of what it was like for the Indians living on the hillsides. We took a jeep tour up into the hillside where we got a great view of the entire country. It was a very rough ride and our kidneys may never be the same! It was fun and the views were amazing.

On the last day, we went with Bill and Lisa north of Flagstaff and toured a Hopi Indian Reservation. We weren't allowed to take photographs. We visited with a resident who creates beautiful silver jewelry and has also done some paintings and kachina dolls. We met a lady who makes pottery from hand (no wheel for her). We toured three different mesas on the reservation. The most interesting was The First Mesa. Atop a butte, 300 feet above the valley, is the Walpi Village. The homes are much the same as they have been for 1100 years. They are currently used mainly on weekends when the Hopi travel up from their modern homes to take part in ancient ceremonies, cook and feed everyone.

We had a great time with family and are definitely looking forward to the next reunion!

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