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Paul welcoming Michael to the Institute

finished product

city view of Lyon. parts of it are very hilly

We are loving our tours in France just as much as we loved our time in Italy. Both countries have so much history here. Little bits of information comes back into the memory from things you reluctantly learnt in History at school.

Our tour today was something a little bit different from other tours. It was to the Instutut Paul Bocuse - school of Gourmet Cuisine in Lyon. Paul Bocuse is now approx. 80-90 years old so he was not our instructor. Our head chef was a man called Jean Paul Naquin - he is 53 years old and has worked at many, many hotels all over the world. He has been at the institute for the past 3 years. He spoke English very clearly, and gave instructions very clearly. We did not cook anything but watched him do it. He cooked an Atlantic Sea Bass baked in puff pastry crust with a choron sauce. He made filleting the fish look very easy, but the trip really is to have very, very sharp knives. Have a look at our pictures. He didn't actually cook the one he made when we were there as there was not enough time with our tour, but he had made one earlier on and it was brought in and cut up. We all had a piece of it, and it was so delicious. We have the recipe if anyone wants a copy of it.

We then had free time for the afternoon. We decided that we would find a Hop on Hop off bus as we had not seen anything of Lyon. We had looked up the address on the internet in our room so roughly knew where it was but the bus was not coming at the stop we were waiting for it. We then googled it on Michaels phone and got the address of the main office and decided to walk to it. An extra 1klm in 34 degree heat. Fortunately we had our hats and sunscreen on and really the heat is not the same as at home.

We found the place and was told where to find the bus, and only had to wait about 10 minutes and the bus was there. We were taken all over Lyon for 1 half hours and saw some lovely sites. We could not hop off and then look at the sites as our time was limited and the bus only came on the hour. Nevertheless we still had a lovely look at the sites in Lyon.

We walked back to the ship along the banks of the river, and arrived about 5pm and had a well earned rest. Today the temperature was 34 degrees and it was hot, but not the seering heat we have in Melbourne.

We were wearing our hats and sunscreen, but there were 3 British people on the bus who had no hats on their heads and were starting to look like beatroots.

We had tea tonight at 7pm and had it with 2 other couples we have befriended. Tony & Jen from Adelaide and Linda & Paul from Tassie.

We are back in our room and watching replays of Wimbledon. I am disappointed Roger Federer lost his match.

Tomorrow morning the ship leaves Lyon and travels to Tournon, and we have our tours on in the afternoon.

Will let you know what we see tomorrow.

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