Tomb of the Unknown

Guard has changed

Myleah in front of Arlington house overlooking the Patomac

Gravestones in a row

Funeral team leader presents the coffin flag to next of kin.

The Kennedy's and the eternal flame

A portion of the entire inaugural speech from J.F.K.

Backside of Marine Memorial

Front side of Marine Memorial

The three Medals of Honor

A closeup of the Air Force Medal of Honor

Outside view of the Military Women's Memorial

Women have been in the military since the Revolution

Early 20th century women in the military

Myleah's NPS Passport book, it's significant due to the 100th year anniversary...

A sample page, you can start your own, just go to any...

Rebecca is such a good sport, she drove Myleah and Dave to the nearest Metro station and dropped them off. They uploaded cash to the Metro Cards, caught the next train and off they went for their first day of adventure. After switching trains once they ended up at Arlington National Cemetery. A quick visit to the Visitor Center to get the map then it was a march up the hill to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. As we approached, a change of the guard was just beginning. She got to see the whole procedure. A few pictures and a few minutes of explanation from Dave about some of the significances. Then off to see the Arlington House (plantation) formerly owned by General Robert E. Lee and Family, later confiscated towards the end of the Civil War. Later, was established as cemetery. Directly down the hill from Arlington House is the John F. Kennedy Family burial plot. It occurred to us, as we stood there, that there were many different languages being spoken around us. And that perhaps, J.F.K. and his ideals had a wider influence than just upon us, the American people. Though it being a hot day with humidity at 60% a nice breeze kept us relatively comfortable and we drank a lot of water! Myleah wanted to go to the Women's Military Memorial, the newest part of Arlington. It was a treat and a real education for both of us as to the role of women in the military since the Revolution! Lastly, we walked the 3/4 mile over to the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial. It is a huge statue depicting the raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima.

When we started this trip nearly three weeks ago, Myleah bought a National Park Service Passport book, into which go stamp pad type stamps for all the NPS sites, parks, historical places. Each one has an official stamp for it's location AND it goes onto a particular page for that spot.

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