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We looked forward to today for some time, because we were driving to Sedona to meet friends who were driving up from Phoenix.

Dave has been a friend of mine since our days in High School, more years ago than either of us care to admit. In fact Dave was my best friend all through our High School years.

I enlisted in the US Air Force while Dave joined the Navy and we rarely saw each other in the years which followed.

Dave did return for a class reunion, flying into Lambert Field in St Louis, where I picked him up in a small plane, and flew back home, where Dave stayed with us for a few days before the reunion.

Some years passed by before we saw each other again, and it was during the winter of 2012 – 2013 when we got together again, this time in Phoenix.

Somehow, as it often happens when good friends get together after a long absence; things pick up right where they left off.

That was the case with Dave and I as we met again today. Another fine part of our reunions is the fact that our wives have become such good friends also. Karen and Marilyn sit and talk constantly, as if they have known each other for as long as Dave & I have been friends. It was a fine day today and it was a pleasure to spend time in the company of another long-time friend and his wife.

Now we are back in Flagstaff, relaxing in the comfort of our recliners, and looking forward to watching some mindless TV and getting a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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