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27th June. Today we are leaving to go to Litchfield National Park. We camped at Wangi Falls for 3 nights. It has three waterfalls and on the left side of the waterfall was a mini pool that had warm water and Yabbies in it. There is a waterfall that is called Florence Falls that has black bream which are fish. They were about 30cm long. On the way down it had 135 steps.  We visited The Lost City which I thought was an ancient place but it was just a place with lots of rocks. Only 4wd our allowed on this road. Since we got to Litchfield I've been unwell in my throat and coughing lots so I have not swam much here cause I cant really breathe properly.

After Litchfield we drove to Darwin and my Grandma flew in to meet us. We stayed in a hotel. On the balcony we could see the sea and boats. On July 1st it is Territory Day we saw people set off fireworks all over the place. On Mindil Beach we saw Cat Empire play and watched the sunset. On the way back to our hotel, people were crazy about setting fireworks off. When we were on a bridge, a firework flew under the bridge. When we were nearly home a firework nearly hit a car.

We visited Darwin Museum where we learned about Cyclone Tracy. It hit Darwin on Christmas Eve in 1974. Nobody got their presents or gifts for Christmas because the cyclone destroyed all houses, trees, buildings, cars. It made floods and people died.  Then we went to a room that was about a crocodile named Sweetheart. He was 5.1 meters long. He was caught because Sweetheart kept attacking boats in Kakadu.

On Sunday 3rd July we walked around Darwin Harbour and swam in a wave pool. When the first wave came I fell over my floaty and couldn't breathe under the water but luckily my dad helped me. We visited the World War 2 Oil Tunnels that was made in the war to store fuel to hide from the Japanese because the other tanks were bombed. The last tunnel was very long.

Tomorrow we leave for Kakadu.

Bye mates. I hope you are having fun. I hope Miss Risa is being very nice and fun and you enjoyed your school holidays. I miss you all. And GO LAKERS 𯘊𯑍

Please write back to me because I miss my friends.

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