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The beach

Hall of the fort

Cannon on the top of Fort Barrancas

This morning we got up and had a good breakfast. Charlotte had an interview scheduled today at 12, so I puttered around the rig doing some odd jobs. At 12 Charlotte called her appointment and was able to reach this person, but they said that they were on their way out the door. She talked to him a little and made arrangements to have him write his answers down and email them to her. How can someone be heading out the door at the time they have scheduled and interview? Makes you wonder.

Now we are free the rest of the day so we hop in the car and this time take a drive along the beach in the opposite direction as Thursday. This time we will be going back into Alabama along the coast. All along the coast you have the usual hotels, condos, restaurants and souvenir shops on the main drag. Some are worse, like Destin was on Thursday, and some are not so bad, like today. They were well scattered out and traffic was not so bad. We found a beach to stop at to see what it was like here. A nice beach with the fine white sand and warm emerald water. This beach was nicer in that it had a gentle slope going into the water. We would have gone swimming but there was no place to change into our suits.

After scoping out about 20 miles of coast, we turn back and started heading back to the RV. As we got back into Pensacola, I saw a sign pointing to the Naval Air Station and remembered that we wanted to see Fort Barrancas which is located on the base. The first fort built here was built in 1698 by Spain. The French took control of that fort in 1719 and then abandoned it years later. The British built a fort here in 1763. In 1781 Spain recaptured the area and built a new fort here. In 1821 Florida became a part of the United States and we decided to build a new fort. They built the fort 1839 to 1844 using 60 slaves using 6 million bricks.

At the Visitors Center I got a map of Pensacola Air Station and discovered that they had a base beach close by. so we went and checked it out and they had a place we could change into our suits, so we did and jumped into the water. Warm, but not as warm as the other beaches, this one is a beach in the bay not the ocean. We ended up spending an hour swimming there. What a wonderful time for our last swim in the Gulf.

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