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Bacharach, Germany

Finally...Mountain Dew!


View from castle

Castle Tower

Castle window



Emily eating gelato underneath the Louvre while listening to street performers



I climbed that tower in the background


castle view

resident swan

castle on boat tour

more castles

Emily and Elizabeth on Rhine boat tour

more castles



world's largest hanging cuckoo clock

the land of Teddy Bears

explanation of bear

town view



pretty flowers

cute gate with flowers


view of town from tower

view of the valley

cold cuts for breakfast

beautiful garden view from my window

Bratwurst, mashed potatoes, sour kraut

pork in onion sauce

Goulash soup


view of our hotel

view of our hotel

Yesterday was mostly a travel day for us. We took a 4 hour train ride to Frankfurt, rented a car and drove another hour to the small town of Bacharach. We took naps and rested as we are all tired and Elizabeth is sick with a fever. We took a short stroll around the town that evening and went to dinner. The food was very German and was wonderful. Ryan had pork in an onion sauce, Elizabeth had goulache soup, I had bratwurst with mashed potatoes and sour kraut, and Emily had pasta. We even splurged and got desert. I got the creme brulee and it was quite fabulous! We went to bed early and got a good nights sleep. We woke up to sunny weather. Had some breakfast, which consisted of deli meats, bread, cheeses, fruit, cereal, yogurt, hot chocolate, and juice. It wasn’t what I expected for breakfast but was good nonetheless.

After breakfast, Ryan, Emily, and I went to go explore while Elizabeth stayed at the hotel to rest. There are hiking trails outside our hotel so we started walking up towards the castle. It was a very steep climb but we finally made it. The views were fantastic! The castle is being used as a youth hostel. I kind of wish I had known about it….it would have been fun to stay there. Just didn’t see a road up there and certainly wouldn’t want to climb up there with my luggage! After we climbed down, we went and got Elizabeth and went on a boat ride down the Rhine River. There are a ton of castles along the Rhine. Back in the day, there were over 300 different regions. Each region was ruled separately and therefore each had it’s own castle. The Rhine area is beyond beautiful! As beautiful as Oregon is, this area in Germany is even better. Green mountains everywhere with castles sitting on top, a beautiful river below, and the most adorable little towns. We got off at one of the stops, had lunch, and looked around in some of the shops.

When we got back to Bacharach, the kids were all tired and headed to the hotel. I decided I needed to explore more. I walked all through the town exploring every nook and cranny. Went down alley ways, tried to see the part of town that wasn’t touristy. This town is well known for their wine. The vineyards are on steep hills. I was curious how they farm these since it’s too steep for tractors. I figured there must be steps between the rows. I climbed a big hill up to a vineyard to check it out. No steps. I have no idea how they farm them….the farmers must be like mountain goats! We had dinner at a restaurant that usually locals eat at. Ryan had chicken with bread crumbs, Emily had goulash soup, and I had French Onion soup. All were delicious.

The wifi is horrible where we are at. I asked the owners if there was a better place in the building to get a better connection. He scoffed at me and told me our rooms were the best in the whole place because we are above the office. I am typing my blog into my notes as I cannot get enough internet to get online. The blog has been frustrating for me because it takes forever to load pictures onto it, even when we have better wifi. I can only upload 3-4 pictures at a time and that will often take 15-20 minutes to load just those three pictures. It is taking a lot of time to keep the blog updated. I keep thinking the trains will have wifi but no such luck! I don’t really understand why Facebook uploads my pictures immediately but the blog takes forever. But I can’t write as much as I would like to on Facebook so I guess I’ll stick with a little of both. Hopefully we’ll have better wifi tomorrow. We are headed to Rothenburg tomorrow, another small German town. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today about how to get a job over in Europe for a year!

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