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The suoerkarket will even deliver to boats on the canal!


Loved the gates of this car repair place. It's not painted but...


Can't help photographing nice shelters !


I loved this Fisherman's trolley to get to the canal. And I...



This insect loved my orange lunch bag

Forges de Buffon



Forge hammer driven by the water wheel

Water drove this forge

Part of forge buildings. All from the 1700s

Gate made at the forge. Looking carefully it was pretty basic. 250...

Seen along the canal

Milking time

The hotel dog. 13 yrs old with quite a character.

A pleasant day of walking

Took a small day pack and a picnic and walked along the canal de Bourgogne ... In the opposite direction to when we cycled it.

It felt nice to be ba k in the canal again , saying hello to fishermen and the few cyclists along the way. Also those on boats.

Walked about 8 km to the famous forges of Buffon built in the 1770s.

I arrived there just after their last entry before lunch so I went to a nice spot on the canal and had my picnic lunch and read my book for 3 hrs until they opened again. Spent a nice hour looking around then walked back to Montbard

On my return trip I noticed that in one spot the canal crossed over a river. The canal had been built up like an aqueduct of sorts m, to allow this crossing to occur. Fascinating !

My last night at Montbard. Had final meal in the hotel and chatted with the friendly staff. Clearly a popular local place to eat as the same elderly woman and another couple with a dog have eaten there for the last 3 nights. They appear to be locals sitting at their same tables. Food was certainly good and they looked after me with GF food.

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