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Buffon Park isn't very bike friendly ! ( only person I saw...

The park, around the Buffon museum

Lovely park



Still finding little alleyways


Now what's that man carrying ???!!

Meat delivery to the butcher's shop

My great parcel packaging

Dinner with Di and Brian from Newcastle

A nice sleep in then decided to organise my bike foot pump and 2 (now empty) panniers to be sent back to Switzerland. I won't be using them in Ireland.

On the way to the post office to enquire about the best way to send them, I saw a large folded cardboard box protruding from someone's recycling bin. So I availed myself of it and carried it around with me until the PO reopened at 1:30pm. I'm sure everyone thought I was crazy carrying this big carton (it had contained a washing machine) and was sure I was looking for somewhere to dump it!

Walked through the Buffon park and around town. After being advised in the PO that paper and string were no longer allowed to cover parcels in France I knew my cardboard find was precious. I then waited for the Stationery shop to reopen after lunch, to purchase some packing tape. Whilst waiting I was entertained watching meat being delivered to the butcher's shop across the road.

Upon returning to the hotel ready to pack my postal articles I ran into 2 people I know from Newcastle, NSW. Di and Brian. Sandy's friends. Incredible. They are cycle touring in the region. We chatted for awhile and organised to meet for dinner.

I managed to make suitable containers for panniers and bike pump and headed back to the PO. The hotel manager and staff (who had tried to help with ideas re packing these articles and were horrified I might put them together (too big, too expensive to send) were pleased to see I'd taken their advice and made 2 parcels. They happily agreed to dispose of the remaining cardboard for me. Putting it back into the original garbage bin suddenly seemed less appealing than taking it from an unknown bin!! All the paperwork duly filled out at the PO and the task was done. Took me about 3 hrs total!

Had a tea outside a local cafe/bar as it was a nice day, then walked around town looking for a place open tonight for dinner. Not many places to choose from and most closed ! Met Di and Brian and we decided to eat at my hotel ( where they'd had lunch before seeing me).

A lovely evening and great catch up

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