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Fanta Del Neptune - Modena

Arcades of Modena

Statue on one side of an entrance way to a building

Piazza Del Torre



Entrance to a side Altar

Acetate Malpighi

Aging Room

Tasting Room

Started the day with a light breakfast. Then packed up the cold pizza and pop for lunch. We headed down the highway to Modena and booked an appointment for balsamic vinegar tasting at acetate Malpighi. Down the road to the Duomo and several other piazzas, monuments et all. We had our pizza in the car while we sat regrouped. Then back down the road to the tasting. We arrived on time and we were requested to wait as there was another group to join us. So we waited for a ew minutes when we were then told that the other group was going to be a little longer. So we had a tour for two. It was very interesting learning about the aging process. Some of the barrels that they are using are hundreds of years old. They are extremely valuable and the entire business is built on the management of the barrels. The two types of grapes are cooked none start for 48 hours and then placed in the barrels of 6 to 25 years. The room is in the upstairs and there is no temperature control. The authentic process required the natural heat. So we stood there listening with sweat running down our backs and our host looking like she just walked out of a magazine. Back downstairs to the tasting it wasn't any cooler. So we tasted white and brown balsamic vinegar and they ranged from 6 to 25 years. All the vinegars are sent to a board and for approval. Once the vinegar is flavour is approved the board bottles it in the authentic bottles. All of the vinegars that we tasted were amazing. You could drink them like wine, well I could. A couple of bottles to go and we headed back. Once back at the condo we took a bottle of wine to the balcony and had some cheese and bread. I think the bottle evaporated as we sat cause it didn't last very long. Then off to dinner back downtown at Tomi's Pizzeria. Tonight we had calamari, salad and coronas. Afterwards around the corner for Gelato. Elton had a 5 scoop cone and I had a two scoop bowl. Back to pack.

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