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General aim today was to head for Fitzroy Crossing. We were a little late leaving Halls Creek caravan park because we got talking to our immediate neighbours just as we were about to leave. They asked us if we had lost anything over night as they had discovered a carton of their half strength beer (all you can buy here), had been moved overnight and was on the ground in front of their van -definitely not where they had left it. Anyway, we realized that Ruby had barked at about 3am and I had thought I had heard someone around near the van at that time. We think that Ruby may have caused them to think twice and drop their loot so to speak. The dogs are getting really good at not barking, but they do come in handy as watch dogs!

Anyway, when we finally hit the road we decided to stop at the first free camp to have a look and have morning tea/lunch. Well, after driving through some very flat, non descript country (we are bordering the Great Sandy desert), this stop by the Mary River is amazing. The river is almost dry, so mainly a huge sandy river bed about 2-300 metres wide, but it is lined with melaleuca, callistemon, fig trees and beautiful white trunked gum trees. Once again it would be magnificent to see the river when it is flowing at full strength.There is grass that looks like it has been mown, right down to the river edge (grass has actually been grazed by cattle). Anyway, we decided it was so lovely that we would stay the night. So, as it happens, did just about everyone else that passed through this way today! Tonight there are about 70 vans/tents camped here. It is really quite a unique experience as there is nothing else around for at least 100 ks east or west, and who knows where north and south!

Just after we first arrived a couple came over to us to asking if they could pat the dogs. It turns out they had lost their Kelpie about a year ago and when they heard Ruby bark they thought it was their dog. They had had a little cry, then had to come over to see our dogs. They just loved Ruby and asked us over for a drink later on. We had a relaxing afternoon, then took the dogs for a walk in the river bed about 4pm. We let them off lead to have a run. Unfortunately, Ruby realized there was cattle about, and off she went to do what she does best! When I finally caught up with her she had a whole mob of brahmin cows and their calves rounded up! So, that gave her a bit of a thrill for the afternoon-fortunately she gave up after a short time when she realized she had no where to take them!

On return to camp we headed over to Rob and Lucy's van where they had a fire going. Rob and Lucy are from Lake Eppaloch (think that's how you spell it) from Victoria and their friends were from Pakenham! Anyway, they loved the dog's, Chilli gave everyone hugs and kisses and I think Ruby had her photo taken many times!

Tonight is turning out to be the coldest night we have had on the road so far. I am sitting outside writing this and shivering, so I think it is time to go inside, have a shower and watch some TV before bed. It is actually amazing that we have internet way out here and satellite TV. Very civilized!

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