2015/16. ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA - End August 2015 - travel blog

The weekend at Camping Angosto has been lovely. Quiet Friday evening until dark, then all the children got their bikes out and cycled around and around and around. Nae problem to us, Roy can sleep thru a earthquake, literally, and I'm always awake til gone midnight. Saturday was cold, believe it or not, 16°. I made another cake, which turned out well, indulged in 3 yes 3 slices over the whole day, even Roy had a piece and enjoyed it. Rest in freezer out of temptation. After lunch we went for a circular drive, northward first then west, South and back to camp. Will revisit a couple of places we noted as very worthwhile. We'd booked a meal, thought it would be a quiet evening. Totally wrong, bar was packed with folk from all over the neighbourhood and site, outside tables all full too, but our meal was excellent. Then the music started and it was like being in Scotland or Ireland, Celtic style fiddle playing plus guitars, it was fabulous,foot tapping, energetic and great singing, everyone had a super time. The language is totally impossible to get to grips with. Met a lovely family and chatted with them for about an hour, thankfully mum and children spoke excellent English, dad was pretty good too. Apparently the Basque people speak their own language and Spanish, are brought up bilingually, and are now taught English as well,from an early age. To us most of the town names are unpronounceable, and to listen to a group of people chatting over their meal, you would think you were in Eastern Europe or Russia. I will photograph the campsite rules to illustrate later. Only us and one other couple who joined us for drinks after our meal weren't Basque, they introduced themselves as Mo and Jim from "the other end of the scale in motorhoming"; they have a really tiny 13 year old, Renault Traffic mhome, they had parked next but one to us so knew who we were when they heard us speak. Had a good laugh with them and a very pleasant evening was had by all.

Sunday, still cold, only 13° today. Walked Blue up the mountain and down again in the morning, to clear our heads. Lazy afternoon.

Monday will go to Miranda, find Lidl also see if they have similar Asian bazaars to those in the South, here, we need various bits & bobs.

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