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Riding a horse down the road in the country

Driving in the countryside

Up really early today, we have to get closed up and going because we have to go through Houston this morning and need to beat the traffic. We were on the road by 7 am and had a little bit of traffic but for the most part we got through fairly quickly. The best route would have been on a toll road, but they have one toll plaza on a bridge that does not take cash, you have to have their EZ Pass, which means that you have to be a local (really not very smart). The most direct route would have been through downtown Houston, but that would have been a traffic nightmare. So I found a couple of other freeways that I could get around on and got out of town. Once we were out of town we ran at a steady pace with no traffic. Most of the big Texas highways and the US Highways are 2 lanes each way and almost like freeways, so traveling on them is great.

So today we are taking these "back roads" going from Houston up to I-20 and then over to Shreveport. Most of the bigger towns have a by-pass freeway and the smaller towns are easy and quick to get through. We did have one area that we were on two lane road but that was no problem, we just had to watch out for the guys riding horses on the side of the road (see picture). Once we got to the I-20 freeway it was a quick drive over to Louisiana, but as soon as we entered the state we had to hang on. The freeway here in Shreveport is really bad with potholes and each block of concrete being a different height than the next, we just bounced around. On the east side of town we got off the freeway and entered Barksdale Air Force Base, and drove to the RV park (famcamp). This camp was out away from the main part of the base and was surrounded by forest. It was a nice looking camp and good sites.

We got set up and I then sat inside for a little to let the a/c cool me off a little. Still trying to get used to the heat and humidity. Then while Charlotte was working I ran over to the base Museum of military aircraft. They had some great planes, even my favorite, the FB-111 Aardvark. This base is a B-52 base so I get to watch them flying, taking off and landing, they are huge bombers and I love the sound of their 8 jet engines as they fly over. I then went to the base Commissary (military grocery store) and got the groceries that we needed and got them stored in the RV. By then Charlotte was done with her work and we then ran over to Kohl's for her to get a few summer clothes. Then it was back to the Rv for dinner and relaxing.

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