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Rocks on cycle path from derailment

Derailed train





Sheltering awaiting boat



Thru port hole - cranes now at derailment site


The last night dinner


Woke up to rain but by the time we were ready to leave it was just overcast. After riding for about 45mins the rain started and we came across a train derailment. Caused by a landslide on the tracks next to the cycle path. It had happened a couple of hours earlier. We got past the cycle path roadblock and continued but the rain became heavier.

Knowing the railway was blocked (it was our planned means of getting back to Koblenz ) we enquired in the next town and found we could get a boat back mid afternoon. With the heavy rain not ceasing we took the boat option. The tourist info guy was quite stressed and fairly abrupt but calmer when we returned later. No info could be found about the train situation. Was concern g for me as my train back to Switzerland tomorrow is planned to take the same route.

after killing lots of time in a restaurant out of the rain and waiting for the boat we had a very pleasant trip on the river back to Koblenz. We saw all the castles again from a different perspective.

Train staff in Koblenz were of no more help with info. Will have to wait and see tomorrow.

It was. Long day and we only rode such a short distance !!!! But could have been worse. We could have been alongside the train when it derailed


Upstream along cy Le path from St Goar, then back to Koblenz via a passenger boat


17km (and some was walking!)


Wet wet wet


Good buffet in hotel. But it's the first time I've seen olives for breakfast !

Morning tea

In a cafe in Bacarch keeping out of the rain and planning g how to get back to Koblenz


In another restaurant in St Goar. Killing time and avoiding rain whilst waiting for the ferry

Potato and smoked salmon soup and my GF bread. And a hot chocolate €7.50


In hotel in Koblenz. Last night farewell dinner with Leanne. We had a dessert!!

Turkey medallions chips and salad ( their only GF dish)

Creme brûlée

White wine



Koblenz hotel. €81 for 2 incl breakfast


An unplanned Rhine river cruise!


The rain all day and the train derailment

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