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Kings Canyon

Reptile Centre Alice Springs


School of the Air studio

my holding an Olive Python

At kings canyon there were lots of hiding places and steeeep drops. went back down to the Garden of Eden were there is water falls, plants, lots of sunshine and not really but sometimes wallabies. After that walk we had a big rest at the campsite. Befor we went to bed we saw dingos everywhere and we played a game of Star wars Uno and i came second but my dad came first. After  that we had a big sleep in. We had a grate time here in kings canyon because we are leaving to go to Alice Springs. On the way to Alice Springs we saw a massive hill that we couldn't get up but luckily my dad branig a shovel so we can put dirt in it and fill it up after that we had other shot at it and this time we got up it. If my dad couldn't drive then we wouldn't get up it. Now we are at Alice Springs and it is even hotter than broken hill and Ayers rock and the showers are toastie. There was a jumping pillow but it is close because there was hail a few days ago before we got here so fare we have missed all the rain which is realy good but the only rain we have had is over night. We are staying here for five days and in those five days we are going to go to the reptile park tomorrow. We are all ready to go to the reptile park and there was crocodiles, snakes, frogs, lizards and turtlies and at the very end I got to hold a olive python, a blue toungue lizard and i all most drop it and a frill neck lizard.

Before we left i got a poster of Australia's deadliest Animals that cost $15.00. Then we went to the Royar Flying Doctor Service the RFDS was a plain that went all around Australia to pick up people from way fare away and taking them to the hospital. Then we went on a real RFDS plain but we didn't go in the air. You had to pay two dollars for it to go to on. Tomorrow we are going to the School of the air now we just got a ice creams from a shop. Today are going to the school of the air the school of the air means the children can communicate with there teachers by satellite using computers and I will show you.

We are now really tired so we went into the pool and I made a new friend and his name is Jackson. Then we went to Orminston Gorge and walked up to the lookout and down to the river below.  We also went to the Ochre Pits and Stanley Chasm. Our Nanna left us in ALice Springs which was sad and she gave us a lollie pops, Google voucher and a school of the air maze book. We have travelled 1,000km in two days and are now in Mataranka, which has salt water crocodiles which are more dangerous than freshwater crocs. We swam at the hot thermal pool yesterday which was warm and on the way we saw some wallabies. Today we are now going to swim with some turtles using snorkles.

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