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ivory hundreds of years old

Romans remains found underground

They had unicorns back then

An exquisite piece and incredibly rare

More luxury than you can poke a stick at

You would think we have had enough of history. Not so, especially since the forecast was for rain and it was raining as we left. Not pelting but enough for raincoats and umbrellas. Metro to Cluny Museum. It has another name but it is too hard to spell. Did I say fascinating. Roman and Medieval stuff. The audio guide made it so interesting. But after 2 1/2 hours .... We had had enough. Time for another wonderful lunch. Duck today. So tasty. And the Embience. Such quintessential French people wandering around. So many stereotypes. Still had time so found another museum, bother this one is closed on Mondays. Just another block along and you guessed it another musee - the Archives Museum. Incredible. Great building and interesting information believe it or not. Still raining so metro home. Glad we have this worked out as it is very efficient when getting around.

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