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Morning view from hotel window



Our hotel in Zell. Bike washing facilities fantastic!



Zell and its dodgy black cat story




Camino way marker. I'm onto it!!

Steep grapevines

Cignets with their mother


Steep vineyards













Rode back into Zell to see the town in sunlight then spent much of he day admiring the steep vineyards. Saw them working with a small tractor 'lowered' down between the vines on cables which then pulled it back up again the tractor was spraying the vines.

Other places people were working in the vineyards in foot, but it was difficult for them to be standing !

Stopped and explored the village of Beilstein. Very cute place dating back to 800AD and the oldest remaining parts from the 13th century. I climbed up to the church for the view across the Moselle valley.

Saw (from a distance) the fairytale looking Reichsburg castle in Cochem. then ride on for another 5km to Klotten where we stopped for the night.


Moved to the left bank of the Moselle and followed it most of the way today except where we transferred to the right bank to see the famous town of Beilstein.

(Old medieval village where several films have been made.




Perfect Mostly overcast with some sun.


Excellent buffet at the hotel.

Morning tea

None... We were still full from breakfast !

But had a iced coffee for my afternoon tea. €2.50


The usual picnic. This time on a stone wall which was surrounding a vegetable garden. Overlooking the river


At a restaurant in Klotten. €21. Delicious pan fried fish, with a lemon butter sauce steamed potatoes and a big salad. Glass of local white and a bottle of water.


Mosella Pension B&B. Two rooms this time. €90 for both with breakfast included. Next to a busy rail line !!!!


Fairytale castles perched up high

Vineyards seem to be getting steeper. Just when we didn't believe it was possible.

Found a supermarket with more GF bread. Yeh !



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