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Chris is in the background singing away

Our song leader

Off on a ride

Familiar structure

Let's start with a dance in the street. Oh well, I'll just watch and sing along with the song sheet we were given. Ok I''ll hum. A quintessential French experience as the locals engender a spirit of Paris gone by. Beret, piano accordion, flamboyant dress and old songs. Such a joyous non threatening event. We had a great time. On the bikes again and off to Hotel des Invalides. SO much history again. In 2 hours we saw about half of it. Miscalculated the time it would take. Never mind, next year maybe. Napoleon's tomb is what you would expect from a fanatic (can he also be crazy? Or is that too much tautology?) The sarcophagus contains a nest of six coffins: one made of soft iron, another of mahogany, two others of lead, one of ebony and finally the last one of oak. Napoleon is dressed in his Colonel's uniform (of the cavalry of the Guard) which bears his sash of the Légion d'Honneur. His hat rests on his legs. As you can imagine everything about the place is huge. It is in a huge church. The surrounding buildings contained a hospital for 5000 wounded. We visited the war museum and heard how 50 million people were killed in WW2. Closing time came too soon. Let's have a look at the Eiffel tower. This involved a body search as we walked the same way we went last year. Oh this year, and tonight especially the locals are out to watch France play Switzerland in the worlds most boring sport - soccer. Thousands of French yobbos were out living it up to watch the game on the big screen in front of the Eiffel Tower. looked like too much fun. I asked the security guard how to get to the Eiffel Tower - shouldn't have bothered. He had not idea what I was talking about. Never mind we followed what looked like foreign tourists not the least bit interested in the game and got to an access point.

Crowds, but no as bad as other places. We admired form afar, watched street gamblers (con artists) and street performers and made our way home. This time via the metro as it looked like rain and the metro is dry. Bid day again.

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