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Our guide book had recommended visiting the small town of Obernai as due to it being undamaged by the las two world wars it had maintained almost its entire rampart system and streets of original medieval houses. We had found a campground there who had said they could have taken us but the dates we wanted another RV had been booked hence why we ended up in Kaysersberg. After visiting the town, we were rather glad we hadn’t been able to stay there.

Yes, it had half-timbered buildings, yes it had a rampart system but they were not in good repair and walking round the town was a nightmare as the main road ran right through the town. So to us it had no charm compared to Kaysersberg and Bergheim.

We headed out of town and ended up in the hills at the Convent of Mont Sainte-Odile perched at an altitude of 750 metres. Pity by that time we got there it had started to pour with heavy rain! However, we did have a look around the chapels of the convent. There was two which were magnificent the Angels Chapel and the Light Chapel. They reminded us of Aachen Cathedral. They also had a terrace where you could look at the views but with the rain it was impossible to see anything but mist. Never mind.

The rain was so heavy and not ceasing we decided to head back to base.

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