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Yoshi, the Pig and the Hat Lady at the highest point of...

A few of the local llamas, apparently the ones with pink ear...

Oh oh! Our bus driver in trouble with the local police...

The Piggy checking out the Colca Canyon.

Min checking out the Colca Canyon.

One of the stars of the show, the Condor.

Hi Everybody!

Today was the day to head out to the Colca Canyon. This canyon is the second deepest in the world at around 3000 metres deep. It is only surpassed by another canyon here in Peru. Unfortunately I was having a moment and I cannot remeber that canyons name (where is a Guinness Book of Records when you need it!). The trip to the canyon involved a couple of things a) Going to the highest point of the trip @ 4800 metres above sea level, and b) going on the roughest road known to mankind! The first of these was a bit of fun, you go fo a run along the length of the bus and you seem to lose your breath! Must be good for training! I think that the next winter challenge training should be done here! Only problem, no water for Mal to Kayak in! Which also bring me to the second point Crusty would also struggle with the road bike also as this road was rougher than the Big Bend Trail off the back of Mt Wellington. For those who aren't savy with this track, it was a real bone shaker!

We arrived to our hotel in Coporaque called Mama Yacchi. Again the food here was excellent and I think this gets the number 1 position for good buffets! Coporaque and the valley in which it is situated is full of Inca terraces which the modern day farmers still use to this day. The Incas did an amazing job not only building the terraces and creating micro climates for agriculture, they channeled water from ever available water source.

After spending a night recovering from the road we headed out to the Colca Caynon to view its immensity and its inhabitants, the condors. From the viewing point which was loaded with lots of tourists, you could see both (especially when you pushed the odd tourist out of the way!).

Unfortunately all good things had to come to an end, and we had to head along that bloody road again back to Ariquipa!

Hope all is well, Yoshi and Min.

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