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I slept a solid seven hours last night, and then dozed off and on for another couple of hours until finally rolling out of bed this morning.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors in the awesome weather, sipping our coffee, and were joined by Jan while Eddie took his shower.

I did a few chores and then took my shower and dressed for the day. I had several important chores to take care of so I left to find replacement tires for the RV. The tread is still good but the tires are weather checked and it is time to replace them.

“Discount Tires” here in Flagstaff offered 4 Michelin tires just like the ones which were originally installed on our RV, at a cost of just over $1400. We will get them put on the RV just before we leave here next month.

I also found a “Great Clips” salon and took time to get a much needed haircut.

I had hoped to locate a “Lowes” store but Flagstaff has a Home Depot and no Lowes. I spoke to them about getting one of our Levolor Blinds re-strung and they gave me a number to call Levolor with the hope that they would send someone out to do the job for us.

I stopped at the “Subway” to grab a couple of sandwiches for our lunch before returning to our RV.

Marilyn had worked all day getting the RV looking spic and span on the inside and she was ready to get her own shower so we soon sat together with our lunch, enjoying the peace and quiet of our RV Park.

We joined Eddie & Jan outdoors for a Happy Hour and enjoyed the conversation mixed with laughter and the company of good friends. We then returned to the RV to watch some TV before heading off to bed for a great night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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