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Pretty drive through Utah

Beautiful church

Another one

Green hills and valleys

Our campground from the front door to our right

Directly behind us

Off to our left. Pretty view here

Here we are!

A visitor to our RV...Toby was not amused

Ouch.. John's toe...Ouch!

You know there is another saying. It is “bad things come in three’s”. Yep, we had another incident today that almost topped the two from yesterday.

But, first let’s start with this morning. We got a late start but, were on the road by 11:00. After all that happened yesterday I was in a funky mood. Let’s just say I was feeling pretty sorry for us and was not good company.

We drove through Salt Lake City and Provo. The countryside as we left the big cities was lovely. Lots of cattle grazing and green fields. It was a pretty drive.

We drove about 200 miles and turned off at Snowville, Utah, about 7 miles from the Idaho border. There was a park called Earp & James RV park that we pulled into. Nothing special, no amenities, just a small area with grass at each spot, a few trees and that was it. However, it was the most we spent at any other park ($35)…jeez. We got a pull through spot and decided to stay just overnight so we did not unhook the RV.

As I was getting things fixed up in the RV, John was outside hooking up electric and water. Well, almost. The owner came over and told us that the water pressure was 140 and that we needed a water regulator attached to the hose. John went looking for it, but alas could not find it. So we filled the water tank with water and did not hook up to theirs.

The next thing I knew John was at the door asking for a water soaked paper towel. He was sitting on the top step of the RV and as I came over to him I saw he was holding his foot. Holy Cow…there was his big toe nail sticking straight up. He had decided to move the picnic table further away from the RV stairs and was wearing flip flops when his foot got under the metal bar at the base of the table and as he pulled it toward him it ripped up his toenail.

Oh my gosh…it looked horrible and he was shaking. I cannot imagine the pain he was in. He hopped up onto the kitchen counter and we filled the sink with cool water so he could soak his foot. The toenail is still attached at the edge. He took his foot out of the water and I refilled the sink with warm water and added a teaspoon full of salt to the water. Dumb me, when I dropped the salt into the water it went right on his toe. Kind of “adding salt to a wound”. Oh my gosh, did he ever yell. Didn’t mean to cause him more pain, really, I didn’t. He called me Nurse Crathet (from the movie “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”). I felt so bad. Had to make him a couple drinks to help ease the pain.

So that was our day…I think it is safe to say that Utah does not like us. We leave here tomorrow

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