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I met a cool Aussie named Katrin on the ferry to Korcula....

A guy named Andrew from Montreal joined us.


In the morning, we took a ferry to Orebic so we could...

Here we are approaching the town.


It was really cool there!



The water was amazing, as usual.

On the way back, I caught some great views of Korcula Town...


Time to get back to our room at the Happy House! It's...

Zlatko's on the right. He was in the South African 'Big Brother'...

Obviously Zlatko (on left here) likes to party. Notice the beer bong....

Emma and Andrew were our roommates from Australia and New Zealand.

Emma, Katrin, and I.

Ahhh...Happy House. Wild.


I felt a little out of it when I got on the ferry to Korcula Island. I kind of wanted to be left alone, but I ran into a guy I met the day before from Montreal named Andrew as I was boarding and he just kept talking. He had struck up a conversation with a girl near us as well. Katrin was her name and she was born in the Czech Republic but moved to Australia as a child. She had been living and working in London for a couple of years but would soon return to Sydney for good. She was used to traveling alone, and prefers it. I could tell I would get along with her just fine.

The three of us were headed to Korcula Town to stay at the Happy House, a backpacker hostel run by a South African/Croatian guy named Zlatko. He apparently was on the South African 'Big Brother' show and is known for being a bit on the wild side. Korcula Town is a bit sleepy and incredibly small but Zlatko keeps his guests entertained with his own nightly parties. He even has a book out about his experiences on the show which he sells at the hostel. I had to meet this character, just to see for myself what he is all about.

We had to hit Vela Luka first once on the island and then catch a bus to Korcula Town where Zlatko is apparently always waiting with a sombrero on and a sign saying "Happy House" on it. We arrived and there he was, only he had a ski hat on instead of a sombrero. I have to admit, I was kind of looking forward to seeing the sombrero (though I got over it quickly). He led about six of us from the bus through the center of town and then up to the hostel, proclaiming once we arrived that we were home. "But wait," he said, "Music!" He had to turn on the dance music before he checked us in, because it wouldn't be a party without music.

Katrin and I were roomed together and Andrew was in a separate room, though he kept coming in and sitting down as we were unpacking and getting ready for dinner. There was space for four others in the room and we met two of them (British girls) almost immediately upon arrival. They had been at the Happy House for a couple of nights and said things were a little out of hand the night before. There is only one bathroom/shower per floor (and approximately 20 people on each floor) and the one on our floor was out of commission due to a very large orgy taking place in it. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case while I was there, since I graduated from college four years ago. Oh well. As long as I could sleep through the night while there I would survive.

Katrin, Andrew and I headed to dinner after settling in and completeley gorged ourselves with pizza, gnocci and pasta. We shared all the dishes and spared nothing. We were obviously hungry. Afterwards, we just headed back to the hostel. Katrin and I skipped the party bit that night in hopes we could wake up early the next morning and catch a ferry to nearby Orebic for some beach time. Orebic, or Orebici as it is called by its inhabitants, is a popular tourist resort on the Peljeska Riviera. it lies on the south coast of the peninsula of Peljesac and at the east entrance to the Peljesac channel. It is just a few miles from Korcula and boasts beautiful row houses, gardens of rich Mediterranean vegetation (pine, lemon, orange and almond trees) lined next to the sea, and several incredible pebble beaches.

Andrew joined us in the morning for our trek to Orebic, and stayed with us for a few hours before heading back to Korcula and then back to Hvar. Katrin and I stayed and spent the afternoon in the sun, taking only a small break to eat seafood pizza at a restaurant overlooking the water. We got back to Korcula around 6 PM and took it easy, drinking only a few glasses of wine with the rest of the hostel guests before retiring. We both agreed that since we didn't see our future husbands partying at the hostel and didn't much care for hooking up with random drunk boys, we would probably just call it a night. Besides, we were both headed to Dubrovnik in the morning and had a 6:30 AM bus to catch...

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