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Morning entertainment - note no rain.

I thought I would try the eucalyptus oil for sinus. This is...

View from Printemps, yes the storm clouds are there.

Blurry I know, taken while riding in pelting rain. No pedestrians!

First stop the local antique market. Tonnes of unique items, all very interesting and historic. An enjoyable wander, and it wasn't raining.....yet. Did I tell you the people are still friendly even with all us tourists here. Chris had many offers to carry her bags as she struggled up the metro stairs - even a beggar helped. A young woman offered me help too. No I did not accept. Chris had fun in the chemist. She went for ibrufen and the chemist offered a natural alternative - eucalyptus oil. She was to dab it behind her ears. So I am wandering Paris with a gum tree forest. We bought some fresh food and then organized bikes for a week, thinking that we could ride everywhere. We somehow forgot about the record breaking rainfall this place is having. We rode a long the Seine and again Chris battled buses. Can't move over for some reason, but they wait patiently for her. We rode out to Printemps which is a huge department store. Went to the top to admire the view, and the coming storm clouds. Had a look around a perfume museum and then a huge church that looks like a Roman temple. It was started before the revolution and finished after so had a big municipal influence in its design. It took 85 years to build. It's bronze door weighs 3.2 tonne. Then to ride home. Oh bother. One of us did not put their bike back properly so we couldn't borrow another. Had a blue with the bike people, no go, fix it ourselves. So we tried to find the velo station we took the bike back to........3 hours ago! Hmmm. Still we back tracked (storm clouds getting darker) and found the bike and returned it properly. Very lucky someone had not taken it as they could then keep it as we would have to fork out the $220 we have left as security. So finally we got our bikes (storm clouds getting more darker) and off we went. Only a few spots of rain we''ll be right Chris, it will stop soon, I say confidently. You guessed it. It BUCKETED for the forty m injures we rode home. Saturated. Still the footpaths were clear of pedestrians so we cold ride without cars. Nice warm shower and we feel ready to tackle the night life - not. Maybe when we are older.

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