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Sheltering from our first storm

Ducks (geese??) we'd not seen before


Betzdorf satellite station. See text writeup



Preparing to sit out the storm

Storm hits

Hail outside bus shelter

Leanne and Dawn checking out route from the bus / storm shelter

Hail in forest

Lovely forest trails leading into Luxembourg city

Water sculpture in Luxembourg


A mixed day of weather and luck. Cleaned mud off our bikes and oiled chains before leaving hotel.

Cycled in overcast weather along the Moselle with lovely views of cliffs and pretty towns nestled into the terraced vineyards along the hills. Once we'd crossed into Luxembourg we followed a bike path next to the road. Suddenly my tyre started scraping something under the mudguard. It sounded bad. So a longish break to try and clear mud and small stones. But still no luck. A helpful man arrived with a pair of pliers and bent the mudguard a bit as it appeared the cover over the wires (under the mudguard ) to the tail light, might have dropped a bit. We escaped his pliers further and rode on. But the scraping got worse. Sheltered under a bridge for awhile before turning west to Luxembourg city. Followed a lovely back road through forests and up and over several hills. Stopped at a cafe for a drink and the owner felt his neighbour could help me with the bike. So we stayed for lunch and waited an hour (during sunny weather!!!) for the neighbour to return. He tried to help and was very nice but only changed things slightly. On we went! Passed a huge satellite station in the countryside. (See photo)

Betzdorf SES uplink station. The 2nd largest satellite operator in the world with 54 geostationary satellites

After several stiff but short climbs we reached the junction with cycle route #2...just the sky blacked. We rushed for cover under a bus shelter. The storm was huge. Thunder lightening and hail!!!! What luck we found cover. Further on as we climbed through forests we found the trail flooded in places and piles of hail in others. But we were having fun as it was it raining. Worked our way into Luxembourg city on bike trails. The motorists must get a huge fine here if they don't stop for cyclists crossing at crossings. They were amazing!!! In the city Leanne and Dawn stopped for a cup of tea whilst I went searching for the tourist information and where I could get my bike fixed. The scraping noise was so loud people were staring at me!

Then onto the hotel but again stopped 200m short by another big downpour. This time we had to shelter in a house doorway with the bikes on the street getting drenched.

Bikes garaged in the hotel single car garage along with several other bikes. A big commercial rubbish bin was wheeled in front of the door as 'security'! We were all ready for our day of rest tomorrow.


Followed the Moselle north until Grevenmacher then turned west into Luxembourg and followed a river before joining the national cycle route #4, then cycle route #2 into Luxembourg city centre


55 km


Started ok then deteriorated to showers between storms and the occasional dry patch with sun!


In hotel room with my GF buckwheat porridge and fruit and yoghurt. My usual breakfast.

Morning tea

Hot chocolate in a cafe


Hot chips in the same cafe as our tea break turned into a lunch spot. €5 for drink and chips (only GF food there)


A local restaurant near the hotel. A simple French meal. Steak with butter maître d'hôtel , frites, a salad and a glass of red wine. €18.50


Le Chattelet hotel. €144 for 2 people for 2 nights


The nice cafe owner in the little village in Luxembourg who contacted his neighbour to try and help me fix the scraping tyre on my bike.

Each time (3 times) a huge storm approached we were able to find shelter. 10mins in either direction we would have been caught in the open with nowhere to go


The issue under my mudguard causing the wheel to scrape for about 40km

The first man who tried to help was a bit forceful and bent my mudguard.

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