Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

Idyllic lake scene

Only a shot of blue skies, but look carefully for the parachutetists

Up we go

Cloud lifted for a glimpse

Cattle somehow manage to hang on

Take a punt. Gamble on sunshine. Well we saw the sun ............until we saw the clouds. Down on the lake some beautiful sunshine and views. It certainly is picturesque here. The gamble was $200 worth of cog railway ticket to get us up the mountain to enjoy the scenery at 3000 meters. No views up there for us today, or for any of the other hundreds of tourists. Never mind we had fun going up in the cog railway. Some parts they tell us were at 45 degrees. This is very very steep. It was slow enough to enjoy the scenery on the way up and take lots of pictures of the sunny lake below.......unitl we entered cloud zone. I walked slowly, like an old man and this seemed to stop the altitude sickness I got as soon as I charged up the steps getting off the cog railway. Had forgotten. Best put off that trip to hiking in the Himalayas. We walked around and viewed the clouds. Must look great when the sun comes out. It even snowed for a while when we were out. There was a certain surreal feeling as we walked 'lonely as a cloud' out on the more isolated track and peered into the mist. Tinkle tinkle. Could not see them (couldn't see 2 meters in front of us) but the cows were there in the mist. Back down again for a walk around the lake.......not today. Such thunderous clouds had come and then the rain, so back home for wine and cheese. It is so comfortable in our new home so we could enjoy the evening there.

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