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Our drive in to boston

'James"...I mean Devon, driving us in.

Flight to Toronto, already asleep. a chance to auger out his nose!

A drink, medicine and a sandwich to relax before the long flight.

Just in time for a sunset dinner at the Black Beach of...

Another view from our dinner on the first night.

Trip journal, Greece 2016


Fun and games began bright and early Friday morning of the tenth. As usual Matty was his intensely motivated “let's get there!” self. We left for Boston with Devon driving at 6:30, Starbucks in hand. The drive was uneventful and we dealt with 1 hour LESS traffic than anticipated considering doing Boston morning commute time. Our flight was for 12:15 to Toronto and we were checked in and idling around the terminal from 8:30 on. 𯘣 OK, so maybe Matty might work on his tendency to want to be early for traveling so as not to have 3 plus hours to idle.

Lisa becomes a bit anxious before flying and the added wait time didn't help. Luckily we all relaxed and the flight to Toronto was expeditious and calm.

Only a 2 hour layover in Toronto so just enough time for a sandwich and a drink. Lisa used some prescribed relaxation medicine and was…..very relaxed(?!) walking down the skywalk to the plane. I was relieved we only had a few feet to the plane and she would have 9 hours to chillax. When we boarded the pilot advised us that we were taking a route that would extend flight time by 25-30 minutest to avoid turbulence. It was then I realized we would miss the connector in Athens. Oh well, it's an adventure!

Lisa slept at least a few hours, however uncomfortable on the flight. Although I had grabbed a tiny bit of sleep on the flight to Toronto I was her pillow for most of this flight. I read and made due as much as possible through out. Sleep was not going to happen.

Arrive Athens and the stewardess asked people on the plane to make way and stay seated for those with close connection flights. Technically our flight hadn't left…..yet. But it would in 3 minutes. Why look a gift horse in The mouth? There was no way we were making the flight….we had security passport control to go through, get our luggage and make our way to the gate. Pfft. Wasn’t happenin. I told Lisa to get behind me and use this for a speedy exit. From the back of the plane we exited a 767 in 2 minutes and technically, we didn't lie. I said “we had a very tight connector flight”.

As suspected we missed the flight and it was a 7 hour wait to get on the next flight to Santorini. I called the hotel and alerted the of a late check in and also the transfer company. 7 looooooonnnnnggg, miserable over-tired hours in an airport with woefully few places to lie down. We landed Athens at 1-2 AM EST and had 7 hours to wait. By the time we boarded for Santorini I had basically been up 26 hours and Lisa not much less. I was laying down where ever I could for 5 minutes here or there.

Arrive Santorini 45 minutes later to hot sunshine still beating down and it looks like about 7:30 pm. The excitement of the destination and sea air revived us and we walked down to the Kamari strip for seafood appetizers. It was a wonderful way to end a long journey with my lovely wife and I enjoying the sea view of cliffs and ship while dining and sipping wine.

Fast forward 30 minutes. Chaf is jettisoned, emergency flairs are lit and the medivac helicopter is on standby cuz Matty is crashing…big time. I stumble back to the room, pull the contacts and take 2 Advil PM and am asleep on the fall to the bed not to see daylight until 8 am aside from a brief look out the balcony at a beautiful sunrise. ( we are on the sunrise side of the island)

Beautiful, but long day in the books. Pictures to be appended shortly.

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