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Grotto Falls

Twin Falls

Arch Falls

Arch Falls

Glacier Lilies

Palace Butte

Thursday was my last day in Bozeman. After work, I headed south back into Hyalite Canyon, but this time heading to the trailhead for Grotto Falls. A lovely trail followed Hyalite Creek upstream to this waterfall. I presume there is a cave behind the waterfall, but the water level was really up today so I couldn't really see it. I stopped here to get a couple pictures, but wasn't ready to head back yet. A map at the trailhead indicated Arch Falls was just a little further up the creek. So I continued on the trail to try and find this waterfall. Looking across the gorge, Twin Falls was visible in the distance. This gorgeous double waterfall was very high. But it was hard to find a good place for a picture and I’m not sure how to get closer. A Forest Service sign indicated that it was a location for ice climbing, so there must be a way. But the creek level was way up today, so no way to cross. I didn't really have time anyway. It was just a short ways further to Arch Falls. I had to climb down a steep cliff to the base of this amazing waterfall. Although only 15 or 20 feet high, the water cascades down and flows under a natural rock arch. I’m so glad I continued on to see this one – I think it was my favorite of the week. It was really cold down in the little ravine with this waterfall. The fast moving water created a natural air conditioning. I climbed back up and started making my way back. There were lots of lovely little trout lilies blooming along the forest floor. Unlike the trout lilies in North Carolina, these didn't have the trout-patterned leaves. I think that they're Glacier Lilies. It was just a little further back to the car and back at the hotel, I started getting packed up to head home in the morning.

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