Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

Saw head. Art? I thought it was humor.

Major, major cathedral.

These figures moved at the appointed time. Hmmm.

This took 2 centuries

Best rose window

This is a big city and our guide bock earns its cost. It advised parking outside at a park near a tram stop and riding in. Worked like a charm and cost $6 for the day park and two return tram tickets. Strasbourg's claim to fame is a massive old cathedral with a clock that has statues that come out at 12:30. We paid our money, waited an hour and ........ should not have bothered. The one in the Powerhouse museum is better. Never mind. Lots to see and learn about as we wandered this city that escaped most of the bombs during WW2. Lunch must get a mention again - cholesterol on a plate - both entrée and mains. So much cream - never enough mind you. The city has been in German and French hands over many centuries and has evidence of both cultures. A fantastic day for the weather too. On the way home a stop at the supermarket for supplies. Couldn't find the mineral water. So I approached a young person packing shelves and asked for it in my best French (another oxymoron). His face, demeanor and smile were priceless as he lead me to it. I have no idea what I said but he worked out what I was after. Wish I had a picture.

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