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It looks pretty average from the outside but inside .....

Walls and ceilings decorated

And even floors

A favorite pastime of Christine's

Part of the forge developed thur very hard work

I was not so keen on another chateau and this one didn't rate with many of the guide books we read. Still Chris thought it looked very interesting. Forecast was for thunderstorms, and after recent evenings we know thunderstorms! So no lunch in the park. Of course it was an amazing Chateau. NO crowds, incredible restored building and lots of atmosphere from centuries ago. The building was the first to have a plan drawn on paper! Interesting history as we wandered the years and heard thru the audio guide and paintings on the walls (numerous and explicit - especially the violence) what went on. And at our own leisurely pace. We could get up close, take as many pictures as we wanted and relive the past (Hmmm that may be an oxymoron?). The woman of the chateau had: Assez sans plus" plastered over the ceiling of her bedroom. It is apparently a message to her husband. So much time money and effort has been put into this place. Again the efforts of the hundreds years war, the thrifty years war, the French Revolution and 2 world wars had an effect. It beggars belief how they heated these places in winter. We learnt about learning: the Trinium: logic, rhetoric and grammar, The Quadirium: music, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy. The gardens still need bulk amounts but the chateau is looking good. Unique pieces reek of history. Lunch was with the locals. We walked in and instead of stopping conversation as is our effect sometimes, everyone greeted us with a hearty Bon jour. Believe it or not I can't even pronounce 'jour' correctly. As guests left they wished us au revoir like old friends. And we could not eat all the cheese, mushrooms, onion and tuna on the pizzas. Such fun. Wandered the gardens after lunch, as they tossed us out over lunch, and then on to the forge. Chris was not interested at first and - familiar story was again fascinated by the ingenious set up. must be the engineer in her. They had to work so Incredibly hard to get iron in the old days. The flood levels told on the walls indicated harsh times for huge areas.

As usual we butchered the language where ever we went but still meet happy to help with our French or speak English.

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