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Monday, 6/6. Hate to leave our campground. Met several nice neighbors, Priscilla & her dog, Ohno, and Rich, a professional web designer & photographer. He lives & travels full time in an Airstream with solar panels so he can go “rough” camping. We were late getting started as he was giving us tips for places to visit – he can sure talk, but was such an interesting person. That’s one of our favorite parts of our adventure, meeting and talking with people. We always ask for hints & their favorite places to visit.

We are off to Hovenweep, another pre-Puebloan ruin. This will be our last for a while – Dan is getting “ruined” out. When we were in England, he said he never wanted to see another castle or cathedral as I insisted on visiting them all…..well, he now says the same thing about Native American ruins! He has been a good sport about all my interest in history! The ruins at Hovenweep are unique because they developed round towers; they even have a site which the white man called a "castle"...each place we have visited has some unique features, so not all ruins are created equal. The entire small canyon is pretty well filled with ruins- most of them have not been significantly excavated for several reasons - money, and these places are considered sacred by the Native Americans.

Hovenweep National Monument is very remote, but NOT on a dirt road, as far as I know! We did get a little lost & spent a tiny bit of time on a dirt road, but finally figured out where to go. It sure is in a remote area! OK, yes, we are Eastern tourists, but have had a time figuring out why a sign says “Open Range” - sure doesn’t look closed to us! Doesn’t say beware or watch for, just open! Finally figured out that it means there are no fences & animals, cows, horses, sheep, might be on the road. Saw mule deer today too!

Hovenweep has a nice tiny campground, just drive in, pick your spot & go back and pay your fee – ½ price for seniors with the pass so it was a whopping $5.00. There are compost toilets, and water to fill your bottles, but no electricity or any other services. We have managed to survive pretty well w/o electricity, only thing we miss is our Keurig coffee in the morning – instant just isn’t the same. We didn’t even bother unhooking the truck as the trails left right from the campground.

It was almost noon by then, but we set off anyway……. crazy tourists hiking in the noon-day sun. It was about 95. Should have known better as this area is experiencing record heat. There is NO humidity – you are in a desert, so you don’t realize quite how hot it is. We walked almost the entire trail & then did some more after dinner when it was cooler. Didn’t realize that the part we left for after dinner was down into the canyon & then back up again. We decided to only do half of the remainder…. pretty rugged walking. Did 5.5 miles today and I was pretty tired. Good news is that there isn’t anything to do in the evening except read & watch the magnificent stars! Hovenweep is one of 17 places in the world where there is no light pollution. We just sit back in our anti-grav chairs and ENJOY! It was clear tonight so I could enjoy it before I fell asleep about 9. Again, adjectives fail me as to the magnificence of the night sky! Next morning, we saw a yellow headed black collared lizard, bigger than the usual chameleon types we usually see – can’t remember its exact name – they run on their tiptoes – so cute! Packed up & headed to Lake Powell, on our way to the Grand Canyon, but Rich highly recommended we stop here on the way.

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