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We are at our 2 month mark with our summer work and that means that it's time for a little rest and relaxation. We packed up the Fifth Wheel and hitched up the F550 and we headed to one of our favorite spots on the planet, Abiquiu Lake. We were Park Attendants here back in 2014 and now it's a place where we can go un unwind and soak up nature at it's best. I made reservations for site # 1 here back in January as it's a very popular site. In fact I looked in reservations at that site is booked all summer long but we will return in August when our 4 month mark rolls around. I'm sure we will need some R&R then.


In my last journal entry I mentioned we just picked up our new to us 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It has been a real pleasure to drive and I can only hope that it serves us as well as the Jeep Liberty did. A couple weeks ago we did our first 4 wheel drive trip, just to be sure it worked OK. We took a trip back an old forest road near Cochiti Lake up into a Canyon that we always like to explore. Everything went fine and the Jeep performed great. After the forest road we drove up into what used to be Dixon's Apple Orchard.


Back in 2011 when we had the house in the Town of Cochiti Lake there was the Los Conchas Fire that started on June 26 and burned 43,000 on the first day, that is an acre a second. It was 100% contained in August and after burning for almost 2 months it had destroyed 156,293 acres. Now comes the trouble for Dixon's Apple Farm. On August 21st came our Monsoon rains and rain it did. The raging flood waters rushed down Bland Canyon in the burn scar area and almost totaled out the orchard and their out buildings. In my one photo you can see the washed out blacktop road in the left of the photo. Their was a 10 foot high wall of water rushing down the canyon floor and into the lake. Months after the rains the lake was full of thousand of logs that had washed down the canyon. All this because wind blew a tree across a power line and the winds blew so hard and the fire spread so quickly that nothing could be done. For weeks and weeks helicopters drew water from the lake to douse the fire. And the rest is History.


Judy just spotted a Yellow Oriel at the feeder she put up yesterday. They just love a half an orange with some grape jelly and it paid off. Right as I am typing away I hear all the song birds singing away. And little Betty is always watching for lizards and Jaxon watches for the rabbits.


I need to get back to my R&R so I'll close for now and just say that LIFE IS GOOD.


Happy Camping,

Bob, Judy and Our3littledogs

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