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Bamboo scaffolding

Director Kate at Avenue of the Stars

The Glorious Dead Monument, Central Hong Kong

Nathan Road, near our hotel

The view from our hotel window

We treated ourselves to a nice hotel in Hong Kong which was well worth it, especially since we were so disoriented from the long flight and the very crazy place that is Hong Kong. In many ways it is our worst nightmare. It is hot, humid, crowded, polluted, and all there is to do is shop. If I had responded to every offer for a tailored suit I'd have a different suit for every day of the year. And if I'd responded to every offer for a copy rolex (at least they're honest) I'd have a year's supply of those as well. We've never seen so many shopping malls in one place. It is development, consumerism, and wastefulness gone haywire. Nearly every store had an open door that was pouring frigid AC onto the sweltering streets.

There were some things we liked about the city. It is very intelligently designed, with many underground air-conditioned passages, and lots of pedestrian bridges in the city center to avoid the crazy streets (which happen to be incredibly clean somehow). We imagine that if one knew the city well, it would be possible to walk for miles and be outside in the heat for only 20% of it. We took the star ferry across the harbor at night and got to see the strobing light show that all the skyscrapers put on. We also liked the sight of bamboo scaffolding on modern glass buildings.

Our favorite aspect of the city was the very efficient and comfortable airport express train. You can even check your bags and get your boarding pass at the station in the city! The airport itself is very well designed and even beautiful. It seemed to be one giant building, with very high ceilings, lots of natural light, and big windows. It's on an island surrounded by water and hills. And of course, lots and lots of shopping. We enjoyed being at the airport more than the city.

We are very glad we got to see and experience Hong Kong, but needless to say, we're glad to have moved on...

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