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Elbe park

Elbe park

Hamburg courthouse


The concert hall

Part of the town hall

One canal

The part of the tree I escaped from

After visiting Copenhagen I drove few kilometers through Denmark with a second night there in a different place because I knew it is not allowed to sleep out of camping there and a neighbor tried to explain I cannot camp at the parking I had my first night. Then I drove some 300 kms to Germany after passing that 15kms bridge again reverse direction. And I get to Hambourg where I found a parking to camp as I finally plan to visit the town.

By the way, this question came to my mind: do we call the inhabitants of Hamburg the hamburgers ?

So Hamburg is a large and complex town with a mix of modern and historic buildings. It is very difficult to drive there and the presence of many canals, old and new building makes the global view very confusing and not really aesthetical. However I see many nice old buildings, creative new ones and several nice parks.

Then I spend another night there before to leave in direction of Luxemburg. Have a good night...

Oh, on a picture you will see the branch I did not get on the camper be a use I moved it in the same car park but another area for having a more quit situation !!!

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