Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

Cog railway for 20 inlets up the steep slopes

Glacier melting

Tunnel in melting glacier

The clouds, the rain - go to the montain Mohomad, anyway. We can't complain considering the mess this rain is making of other people's lives here. We had heard a lot about Chamonix from George and were keen to see it and the associated famous mountain. Not today for the Mont though as it was clouded in. Wandering around the streets I was looking for Christine. I was sure the woman in the distance in the green raincoat (unique in Europe) was her. Hence I was surprised when the 6 or 7 mature aged women nearby sheltering from the rain with me under a tree called my attention and pointed to another women in a green raincoat who called out my name and pointed, equally in the distance, but the other direction. They enjoyed the stunned mullet look on my face relating to me having two wives. Fortunately I worked out which one was Chris. We took a cog railway to a glacier and were amazed at the massive change in its size over the last 100 years. Incredible how much has melted away. A cave had been dug in the glacier for us tourists so we went in for the surreal experience. Us tourists will do anything. We got out before it totally melted fortunately. Off to a crystal museum to see amazing Quartz on show. They also had a mountaineering display. If you think tourists are crazy, these people are mad crazy. I got dizzy just watching the displays.

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