Heading northwards and back again travel blog

Dinner on Cable Beach

Our gang!!

Beautiful Cable Beach

Charlie and Wayne in swimming at sunset

Our group again looking seawards

Playing footy on Cable Beach

A normal sunset for this part of the world!! Aren't they lucky??

Cheers, All!! with champers and strawberries!!

Fisheye view of Broome's famous sunset

Dining under the stars on the beach

With Trevor & Glennis, lunching at the van

At Trev & Glennis' for dinner

Camel rides at sunset on cable Beach

Footprints in the wet sand

Captured walkers

Paddling in the sunset rays

Camels as the sun goes down

Colour palette

Palest blue water, pink tinged clouds and low tide - stunning.

Our dolphin friends


Isn't nature wonderful???

Art in the sand by a little crab.

2 metre crocodile enjoying Cable Beach with us, luckily 3 hours after...

Cable Beach was closed following the croc sighting

Red flag and warning sign on the beach.

Plenty of sightseers but no swimmers!!

"Coming Home", by the Pigrim Brothers. What an appropriate song to have playing as we returned to Broome on Monday 30th May.

Just love being here, though is way more humid than expected at this time of the year!! Very poor Wet season just passed, so the humidity is hanging around longer than usual.

Anne, Paddy and I go down for a morning swim - nothing better, though eyes are always peeled imagining that rogue croc may still be lurking somewhere nearby!!!

We have 3 weeks here, so taking it easy. Catching up with Trevor and Glennis most days and just thoroughly enjoying being back here.

Had the ritual Sunset Dinner on the beach to farewell Fran and Peter (Yes another Peter!!!) friends of Anne and David's who had come over from Tennant Creek to have 4 days with them here. Jodie, Vincent, Cheyenne & Georgia, Heather, Nene, Charlie and his best mate Wayne all joined us for a wonderful feast, including Jodie's Turtle Curry!!

June 13th - we said our sad farewells to Paddy & Peter, who have to return to work. We have had such a great fortnight together here - doing our own things at times, and spending quality times together too. Morning swims started each day - for us girls, anyway!! - and after the big storm about 4 days after our arrival, the temp has dropped, humidity has gone and it has been just fabulous weather.

Bit of excitement following one of our daily swims. 3 hours after we left the beach, it was closed with a 2 metre croc cruising the shallows only 3 metres from shore. We had been 30 metres out, in water up to our necks as it was crystal clear, so we were safe haha!!!

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