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Well we made it off the bus and into Tumbes at dawn, a nice relief to disembark. Its amazing how life in a place like Peru just keeps moving after an event like that... The driver just gets back behind the wheel, the passengers all nod off to sleep and the police jot everyone's details down on a scrap of paper and go home to bed!

From Tumbes we headed south as originally planned, to a very quiet hostel on the beach. However securing a police report for insurance purposes proved almost impossible. Since none of the police stations here communicate, we had to spend 5hrs backtracking to Piura (the scene of the crime) to obtain a report.

When we arrived, a Saturday afternoon, we were told to come back Monday. Only when we looked like we'd cry did they drag the relevant officers out of the pub (2 doors down) and press print on the computer!

After bussing it back to our beach hideaway, we were finally able to relax. A day working on our sunburn later and after sleeping soundly in a conventional bed, we both felt ready and rejuvenated. Just a note to prospective travellers, peru doesn't have any good beaches (we searched the entire coastline). Onward to Ecuador and the jungle!

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