E and P Italy Excursion 2016 travel blog

Donkey ride to work

Bridge in the middle of the back country

1st Water Fall LOL

3rd Waterfall

A view from up top

Rock Face

Pogerola From the Top of the other side

No Elton not that way.. too easy

Elton on the other side

Amalfi From Above

Basilica S. Eustachio from Above

Basilica From the ground

Front Wall of Basilica S. Eustachio

Our walking sticks for the day

Water Refill site

Elton in Pogerola Town Square

Today we got up and had breakfast on the balcony, watching kids go to school and people going to work. Then we saw it all... below our balcony on the walking path was a guy riding a donkey up the hill to work. He went right passed us on up the hill to work. Fantastic sight. Well today we packed a lunch and thought we would go for a hike. Should be fairly easy. Right out our door the path starts .. so why no just take that one. This path went straight up the mountain till we hooked into another path and then another path. We finally started to see other people on the path which was a relief. On down the path we found three different water falls that were well worth the walk. Then onward we found ourselves in Minuta, we can't even find it on a map... Ran into lots of people and stopped and chatted with one couple from Seattle. Ran into two guys way up the hill from Lethbridge. Crazy. We onward and downward the path into Amalfi. Went back to this great place in market that sells Lemon Juice. Yesterday we had lemon juice today we had lemon sorbet with Strawberries. I could never have enough of that let me tell you. Then we grabbed the 6 O'clock bus back up to Pogerola as it only runs on the hours. Back in town we went to the corner stores and bought tomato sauce, wine and chips. Walk back up the hill to home... Made spaghetti and tomato sauce, finished with a pastry and the rest of the gelato. Finished wine as well... I think the bottles are smaller here .... today we walked up hill and down hill for a total of 7.77 miles, 25,894 steps, 240 floors and we burned 3,267 calories and 9 hours and 22 minutes of sleep last night .. this is what a day should be like

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