Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

A little bit chilly at one of our stops

Our home (bottom rooms) for the next 6 days

View from every room and front door

There are still some petrol queues so we fill up on 3/4 tank. I only check that I am putting diesel in about 4 times now. So keen to get it right. If we thought the mountains were steep before they are really steep now. Chris hardly jumped/screamed at all today though the road works do present a challenge when I am told to drive on the wrong side of the road. My constant brain reprogramming effort goes haywire - should I be on the right or left???? Sometimes you are to give way to your right - that remains a challenge. The roads less travelled provide an insight to French countryside. The architecture changed so much today. We went from stone to timber houses. Quite Heidi country here. Lunch has become quite a highlight as we sample the plat de jour all over France. The roads remain narrow but there are worse our host informed us as we asked about going to a town. She said the roads are quite narrow. I think this means they are billy cart tracks. The other day the bitumen was melting in the heat, today we are rugged up against the cold wind. Our new home is up so high the clouds come to us. At yesterday's museum amount other things we learnt about life in the mountains up to about 60 years ago. Now we see why they left. It must have been a harsh life here. Even in summer.

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