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Ar, quite famous apparently

Inside a mountain person's home. Amazing they survived

Rain was predicted and duely arrived though not too much. Instead of walking we trammed it, easy. The Grenoble Museum a has huge range of 18th to 20th century art from lots of famous people. How come the Germans didn't take it all when they occupied the place? Form what we saw in the Resistance Museum yesterday they spent a lot of time ferreting them out. The modern art section failed to thrill me. Lunch again with the locals, but we wanted to come back to the museum afterwards. So I told the lady at the desk we would go, have lunch and come back. She said cool here is the ticket you will need. ALL IN FRENCH! I even had success ordering lunch though I did pull the mademoiselle line and that got me a great coffee. Such embience. More of the museum after lunch and found another one with a different bent for the afternoon. So good to have a museum or two on a rainy day. On the way back I decided to have a haircut. Normally I say number 4 thanks. Hmmmm. The distressed look on Christine's face as my barber from Tunisia mowed more and more off meant we had to take a break and try exp,aiming against. No luck. I nearly look like one of the hoons that hang around the bars here. Long distance photos for a while.

Off up north further into the French Alps tomorrow. Only a 2 hour drive so should be there by the afternoon if we leave soon after breakfast.

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