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Off to the local chateau at Vizzle. Here the French Revolution got underway. The day of the tiles was when the locals threw their roof tiles at the Kings soldiers who were making sure more taxes were collected.We learnt about the 3rd estate, tennis court oath and lots of killing people who disagreed with other people or changed their minds, or thought they changed their minds. Seeing what went on and how much got destroyed it is amazing there was anything left of the place after the revolution. It was a cruel time. We also saw what else went on while the revolution occurred. For many life went on just the same, though for some the entertainment changed. Lunch was in the garden with many French families enjoying the warmth and sunshine. After lunch a read, Chris Drew and I had a sleep. Such fun. It is a huge garden and after walking for a while we saw deer. Coming back car horns were blowing so we suspected a wedding. Not one, but three. One involved the women guest trilling. Lots of fun.

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