E and P Italy Excursion 2016 travel blog

Morning in Amalfi

View down the hill

View from the trail

Approaching Amalfi

Edge of Amalfi

Amalfi Beach

Road Side Truck Vendor

Start of Sun Set or the End of the Wine Bottle

Start of Sun Set

Sun Set Amalfi

Setting Sun

Night View of Pergola

Today we got up as slow as possible and slowly ate breakfast. Late morning we started to walk into town and found a stair case that leads right down the hill to Amalfi. We walked around Amalfi for the afternoon and ate fish and chip, gelato, and lemon juice. We bought bottle of wine, lemoncella and spaghetti sauce and took the bus back up the hill. This is how we figured out that we were staying in Pogerola up the hill from Amalfi. As the was the bus we had to take home.

At the end of the bus ride we got off at the top of the hill. Right beside the bus stop was a truck selling fresh fruit and vegetables. So we picked up cherries and strawberries from the back of the truck. We walked up the hill to our apartment which looks like it is almost the last street in the town up the hill. Once home we opened the bottle of wine and sat watching the boats go by as the sun set and the wine bottle emptied. As we looked over the town we watched the town soccer field where there was salsa lessons, the boys in the parking lot hanging out and the kids kick the soccer ball around. Then we looked up to the right and watch the sheep up on the hill move about. And as last night on cue the dogs started the nightly ritual of barking for half an hour. Funny as heck..

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